E-Collectique Seller Check In

Product Acquisition Contract


*If our Buyers are able to complete the review of your items early we will contact you via Text Message (to confirm you can return prior to the day listed on your "Return Receipt".) If you prefer a call please indicate so below and provide the best contact phone number. **Please note you will only be contacted in the event that your items are reviewed ahead of schedule. 


  1. He/she is not a juvenile (i.e. under the age of 18).

  2. He/she is the owner of the property being sold.

  3. He/she has the right to sell the property.

  4. He/she is not under voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy.

  5. He/she is not under any legal proceedings in which the property is involved.

  6. The property presented to E-Collectique (hereinafter "EC") is not stolen or under lease, and is free from all liens and encumbrances.

  7. He/she has alerted EC (by writing below in the "Notes" section) of any liquid and/or fragile items being presented upon check-in.


  • All items remain the property of the seller until the items are "sold" or "traded" to EC or items have been deemed "abandoned" as per other contract terms.

  • Items will be held by EC until 6:00pm CST on the Saturday established on the "Return Receipt" (issued at the time of check in).  

  • If the items are not claimed (e.g. if Seller has not returned to complete the "Offer / Acceptance" and/or reclaim his or her items, nor has contacted us by phone to make arrangements) by 6:00pm CST on the Saturday established at check in, then the items automatically become abandoned property and are to be used or disposed of as E-Collectique sees fit. A "Trade Credit" (hereinafter TC) may be issued for any items E-Collectique is making an offer on and the TC can be claimed until the last business day of the calendar year in which the transaction is scheduled to be completed.

  • EC and its employees will be indemnified and will not be held responsible in the event of loss, damage or theft to the property presented.

  • I understand and agree that while the items presented are being reviewed by EC they may be ticketed with a standard tagging gun and/or stickered. These tickets/tags are the property of EC and will be removed by EC in a situation where the seller chooses to "pass" on any offer.

Please use the field below to provide our buyers with any information (you feel they should know) regarding the items you are bringing in to sell.


I have read and understand the return policy as outlined above and understand that my items MUST be reviewed / claimed no later than 6:00pm CST on the Saturday established on the "Return Receipt" issued during check in.  

If you are unable to personally return during the time-frame issued on your "Return Receipt" please complete the section below authorizing someone else to come in on your behalf.  

I authorize: 

to complete the "Offer/Acceptance" contract (including but not limited to: deciding upon the sale or trade of my items, accepting payout and collecting or donating "passed" items). 

I, the seller (as listed in the First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name fields above), understand that checking the box above and typing in the electronic signature line constitutes as a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the above Warrants and Terms.