E-Collectique Seller Check Out

Offer Acceptance Contract

*Contract definitions can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Seller has reviewed offer details with the E-Collectique Buying Counter Staff and (select one of the options below):

Each item is individually assessed. If we pass on any of your items please do not let that discourage you from bringing in other items in the future. 

By initialing above, seller agrees to the offer details as presented by the E-Collectique Buying Counter Staff and (if applicable) to sell / trade the presented merchandise to EC. Thereby transferring ownership rights of the property presented in exchange for the consideration selected.

*It is the seller's responsibility to know how many items were presented to EC and that all items not sold/traded to EC have been collected at the time of offer acceptance. 


  • "Lot" refers to 2 or more items grouped together and assigned a single price. Indivisible.

  • "Trade Credit" ("TC") is a physical card, issued for retail store credit which may be applied to purchases exclusively at EC's physical retail location. TC does not carry an expiration date. TC will not be replaced if lost or stolen. TC is not redeemable for cash or check. TC may be transferred to others at the discretion of the seller. 

I, the seller, understand that checking this box constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions as presented in this Offer Acceptance Contract.